About Us

The Most Special thing about us is that we provide Informations, Leaks, News and Blogs about Gadgets including Mobiles, Televisions, Laptops, Tablets, Accessories and Much More. Tech Updates based on Worldwide.

Overview :

MySmartChoices.in is “Made in India”, Solely founded by Sourabh Kadawat. Launched on December 7, 2019 on the occasion of Birthday of his Mother. MySmartChoices.in is the result of Hard-Work of Years of Researches, Feedbacks, Ideas and Necessity. The Aim of this Website is to serve people the Smartest Product range available in the market. Our Goal is to Introduce you with the best of the best choice product ignoring the rest of the products to save your time and efforts in search for them. In today’s Era – There are end numbers of products available in the market for each price range; Thus it is more difficult to choose the best under your budget. Here we Suggest you not just the best but the Smartest Choices that means the Best product under the least Price range.

What is so Special about us ?

MySmartChoices.in present a tool The “SMARTEST#3” which features the Smartest 3 Products under each categories just under your favourite Budget. We didn’t promote any kind of product. Here by our views or suggestions are true and purely unbiased.

What is SMARTEST #3 ?

#SMARTEST3 is our verified research badge of the 3 smartest product among long list including newly launched products considering various product research, price research, feature research, product test, critics reviews, consumer feedback and its actual practical performances on hands. We did not consider a Product at Top Rank under #Smartest3 based on Larger Than Life Features like other websites and many youtubers does, We test products on its durability and its real performance in Hands for Long Term actual usage.

Mission :

At MySmartChoices.in Our Mission to provide our Viewers the Real and genuine Suggestions. We will remain honest in our business.

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