A New Audio Technology AptX Adaptive Launched in China by Qualcomm

Qualcomm China announced AptX Adaptive audio technology with better compatibility and adaptability, with the goal of replacing wired transmission, as well as better dynamic adaptability and low latency. The three main features of Qualcomm AptX Adaptive include almost zero-interference stability, CD-level sound quality and low-latency transmission. It supports two true wireless Bluetooth headsets, TWS and TWS Plus. The sound quality of 279kbps-420kbps can be automatically adjusted according to the quality of the mobile phone link. The new AptX Adaptive implements the ability to achieve the previous 576kbps AptX HD sound quality performance at a lower bit rate of 420kbps, while being backward compatible with the previous AptX and AptX HD.

AptX Adaptive’s main goal is to “replace wired”, so the most important part is actually the “reliability” of the connection, the first problem to be solved is the disconnection of wireless Bluetooth connection and signal transmission The problem of interruption is followed by high sound quality and low latency. The biggest problem with Bluetooth headsets now is the unstable signal in the complex external environment.

Source : Qualcomm Weibo Account

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