Samsung released New ISOCELL GN1 Camera sensor

This morning, Samsung Electronics officially released a new CMOS image sensor called ISOCELL GN1. This sensor has 50 million pixels and is the first product under Samsung’s dual Pixel and Tetracell technology. Samsung claims that thanks to the relatively larger pixel size, the GN1 sensor will bring the image sensor performance to a new level and bring a substantial upgrade, comparable to the low-light photos and focusing speed of SLR cameras.

Image Credit : Sahil Karoul

The nominal number of pixels of the ISOCELL GN1 sensor is 50 million, and the length and width of a single pixel reach 1.2 μm. In the four-in-one mode, it can output 12.5 million pixel photos with a single pixel length and width of 2.4 μm. But what is most surprising is that this sensor is equipped with more than 100 million phase detection AF points, so this sensor can easily quickly focus and follow the focus on objects in any corner of the screen. In addition, ISOCELL GN1 can even add Samsung’s software algorithm, using each sensor on the sensor to output up to 100 million pixels of photos.

In addition to the above features, GN1 also supports smart ISO, real-time HDR, and gyroscope-based electronic image stabilization. This sensor can output dynamic images up to 8K 30fps when recording video.

Samsung announced that this GN1 sensor has started mass production this month.


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