Clarification of Poco Phone Model Numbers

In our Last Tweet we have leak about Poco F2 assuming its Model number ‘M2004J11G’ but it have Changed as we spotted this Model number alleged with Poco F2 Pro during the Launch of Poco F2 Pro. That have brought us with the Clarification of Poco Phone Model Numbers.

Poco F2 Which was Presume to be Model Number M2004J11G have been noticed was of Poco F2 Pro during its Launch.

The Model Number for Poco F2 Pro is “M2004J11G” Where as No Model Number for Poco F2 is define or leak or confirm as of yet, Confirmed Tipster Mukul Sharma.

Deem all our articles or Tweets Mentioning any leaks for Poco F2 with Model Number M2004J11G to be Poco F2 Pro. Thank you for your understanding in this.

List of Upcoming Poco Phone with their Model Numbers
Poco PhoneModel Number
Poco F2 ProM2004J11G
Poco M2 ProM2003J6CI
Poco F2No Confirmation yet

For reference, The Confirmed Source that allow us to believe “How Poco F2 Model Number Changed to Poco F2 Pro” you may also refer this tweet below:

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