Top 10 SEO Smart Tricks : Easy to Follow

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the most efficient way to grow traffic on your websites. It Improves your Ranking or Visibility on Google Search Engine and others. Their are many of SEO tricks that can boost traffic on your websites but those tricks aren’t as easy as we can do so. Many of companies outsource Big SEO Agencies for SEO to drive lead traffic to their websites. Here we come up with 10 Smart SEO Tricks that are as easy as you can do it by yourself for free at home. You don’t need to pay to SEO Agencies for those tricks. Lets get Started :

Summary List of Top 10 SEO Smart Tricks

  • Write Good Content
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimise your Content
  • Nurture & Structure
  • Keep your Eyes on Competitors
  • Sharing on social media Accounts
  • Let Your Guest Post
  • Create internal links
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Create Sitemap
Top 10 SEO Smart Tricks
Top 10 SEO Smart Tricks

1. Write Good Content

The Most Important Factor that would Improve your Website Ranking and Visibility on various Search Engine is Good Content. Their is no substitute to it. Not Frequently but Sometimes Even Only a Good Content would rank your website on Top at Search Engines apart from other SEO Strategies.

2. Keyword Research

The Second step to do after creating a good content is Keyword Research. As you are the original writer of your content you hold better knowledge of your topic and Related content, you need to generate the keyword from your content and edit you content again by adding keyword that are popularly searches, that are reflective of your focused article and good to use. You should take aid of Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to enter key phrases related to your content that would also help identify any keyword opportunities you might be missing.

3. Optimise Your Content

Using Strategic Keywords is the best way to optimise your content. You can start it by creating catchy titles, headlines or subheadings and naturally placing your keywords within these texts. Along with these Create optimised but intriguing meta descriptions of your content including Keywords, which will appear on the search engine results page.

4. Nurture and Structure

Your Audiences will lose interest in your content if they find your content difficult to read – particularly if it is not visually comprehensible. Edit and Nurture your Content. To make your content appealing and keep your audience engaged, ensure that your content is properly structured, and use easily readable features such as bullet points and subheadings.

5. Keep your Eyes on Competitors

For your improvements, you need to observe the work of your competitors in a similar niche. Closely monitor all the activities of your competitors, from movement in SERPs, to guest posting and social media activity. This will give you an insight into the SEO strategies they are using to attract their target audience.

6. Sharing on social media Accounts

Let your first visitors should be your friends and family members. Let them share and reach your content to their surroundings and more. To play a Trick with this, Publish a few snippets of your content on your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more and do provide a link of your website, to encourage user engagement.

7. Let Your Guest Post

To Expand your network and website to reach more numbers of guest, Do allow Guest posting on your website. It is a great way to increase the credibility of your website. Reach out to micro-influencers in your niche who can promote your content on their blog or social media channels or link your content within their content. It will improve backlink to your websites, which will have a positive impact on your overall SEO.

8. Create internal links

Another good strategy to improve SEO is by creating internal links. By internal linking according to your website structure, you can connect two or more pages of your website with each other. Internal links help in improving keyword rankings and content readability, and they make it easier for Google to crawl your webpages.

9. SEO friendly URLs

SEO friendly URLs play an important role in ranking a website on search engine results pages. Create a unique URL for your website that is easily readable and also relates to your content and the topic of that particular page. Where appropriate, you can also add relevant keywords in URLs to boost rankings.

10. Create Sitemap

Create a sitemap with a list of individual pages of your website can make your SEO more efficient. A sitemap helps search engines to index and understand a site and its architecture. It also makes it easier for the audience to navigate your website, contributing positively to the overall user experience.


Sourabh Kadawat
Sourabh Kadawat

Sourabh is an indian based Tech Enthusiast, Revealing the Insides of Gadgets is his passion. He Likes to discuss, share his knowledge in order to re-learn. He is The Founder of

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